Monday, November 30, 2009

Protection Tags


Are you looking for some cool tags to post on your myspace or facebook mobster wall?
Then you came to the right place..! Because that's my specialty..!

Most mobsters in the virtual life first person shooter called Mobsters know me as 5150 Sicilian but I am also known as Godfather Textart.

I am the creator of over 90% of the protection tags and stamp used in the games comment box on your mobsters wall.  Or better known as yours Stats page.

I started creating this kind of art in 1996 for other games to post in the console message area and for chat rooms. Its been fun to see over the years that my stuff will resurface in a app or on a message board in the strangest places. None the less it will always reappear so I have decided to dedicate several sites to my work and other creations of friends in the industry.

This fist site to adorn this much of my art is called Mobsters Text Art.

On that site you can find over 100 of my tags and avatars for use in your favorite apps.

I have even seen my art in Bloodlines, Mafia Wars, Soroity Life, Overdrive, Out World, and several other gaming apps.

As such I want to show my appreciation for the use of my work. If makes me feel good to see that everyone likes it so much they take it all over the place.  And with that I dedicate my site to my sick mother and all of my Unicode protection tag fans.

Thanks so much for your support!          

- Godfather Textart

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